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From the ancient Laurentian Plateau, to the verdant Taiga Forests of Gaspé, the pristine waters of Lac Saint-Jean, to the upper arm of the mighty Appalacian mountains, Quebec's reputation as the beautiful province is well deserved—and undeniable.

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2015 Outpost Photo Contest

It’s time again for you to share all those moments that make travel special. From incredible landscapes to once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters, it’s your photos that tell the story of the moments you travel for.

2015 Outpost Travel Photo Contest

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Best Destinations New Travelers Best New Traveler Locations

Even the most seasoned wanderer was once green with wide eyes and an overstuffed backpack. Their life is less on the road than of the road, and there seems to be no adventure they cannot tackle with aptitude and grace. But where is a newbie indie traveler to start?


Saguenay's Via Ferrata Saguenay's Via Ferrata

So there we were, clinging to the Via Ferrata’s metal rungs, suspended from one of Saguenay National Park’s highest points. From here, the Saguenay River’s fast moving water seemed slow to a lull and the rich greens that canopied the pathways below spanned an infinite horizon. 


Dubrovnik Dubrovnik

Every ten meters we are faced with another stunning glimpse and I persist in taking pictures although I am fully aware that there is no way to trap so much beauty in a frame and for a moment Dubrovnik really looks like a pearl glittering on the shore of the blue Adriatic Sea.


My God, It's Full of Stars My God, It's Full of Stars

As night fell on Mont Mégantic, Team Outpost made our way to the Observatory. Already the inky night sky grew dotted with billions of points of light. Every second the stars seemed to grow more brilliant, and the Milk Way spilled across my eyes and touched me with a powerful sense of awe.


Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve Mont-Mégantic Dark Sky

Visiting Mont Mégantic’s ASTROlab was a moment we’d all been anticipating—our inner kids still clinging to the astronaut dream. The reserve was the first of its kind; the region holds the title of the world’s first International Dark Sky Reserve.


Weighs of Escape Weighs of Escape

Wing tanks full of fuel aside, the heaviest things on aircraft—apart from the aircraft themselves—are the passengers and their luggage. All airlines already limit the number and weight of luggage and charge for excesses, but what if airlines started billing actual passengers in a similar manner? 


Coaticook River Valley Coaticook River Valley

Seeing the Coaticook River Valley should be a part of any visit to Quebec's Eastern Townships. Stepping foot on the edge of the Coaticook River Valley Gorge is without a doubt a tremendous visual experience which I will never forget. There's good reason why it's referred to as a natural wonder.


Pedal’s Off the Metal Pedal’s Off the Metal

To see the view, you have to get to the view. When you’re travelling light and biking for 10 days straight, this means a little self-care. Here’s a few strategies for post-ride recovery that Dan and I have used.


Lac-Mégantic Lac-Mégantic

It's been two years since the 74-car Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway freight train infamously derailed—but there's a feeling of tremendous strength and recovery among the people of this salt-of-the-earth community.


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