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Simon Ryan Dario

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Colton Powell Asia The World Is Your Oyster

Over the next 2.5 months, along with a good friend, I will be exploring over 10 countries to experience all that South East Asia has to offer. Leading up to this trip many people have asked me "why South East Asia?" which only has one correct answer: why not?


colombia expedition opX Colombia Begins

Famed as the home of El Dorado, the legendary city of gold, Colombia is believed to be amongst the first countries in South America to be inhabited by humans and the first to be colonized by the Spanish. 


Kayaking Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean Kayaking the Saguenay

The Saguenay Fjord was at a nasty, rolling boil, a chaotic mess of black and white and silver foam lacking any discernible pattern. Looking over my shoulder, I could see three-and four-foot waves rolling down the fjord behind us at a 45-degree angle, but our kayaks were getting hit by waves reflecting off the rock wall less than 200 metres to our right.


Simon Vaughan Simon Says Travel

Travel has broadened my mind, expanded my brain, freed my tastebuds, liberated my adventure-lust, increased my confidence, honed my patience, sharpened my humour, improved my tolerance and enhanced my appreciation for my home and things I take for granted. Not a bad outcome...especially if you factor in the mountain of spectacular international T-shirts in my closet and collection of shot glasses in my kitchen.


Ryan Murdock The Expat Life

I live on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. I didn’t know anything about the place before we moved here, just the name. I flew over with my wife to look at rental places, fell in love with this 400-year-old palazzo, and moved three weeks later.


Bari Italy In From Istanbul

My name is Dario, I’m 31 years old and I’ve spent the last 10 years roaming Europe and the world. Since the travel bug bit me, and I will always be grateful to Ireland for this, I’ve never stopped moving around: Europe, China, the United States, Australia, Africa and the Middle East are some of the places I’ve been. Now my wanderings have led me to Istanbul, Turkey, where I’ve been living for the past two years.


Skiing Chile Chillin' on the Chilean Slopes

At one of the many ski shows I (now religiously) attend, I was told that the real ski nuts Ski Chile in the middle of the summer, where some of the steepest, deepest and fastest peaks beckon. The sheer altitude of Chile’s ski resorts, along with the speed records set at them, is enough to make even this girl think twice. But there is something else at play here. My husband, Chris, a level-two ski instructor and downhill fanatic, has been challenging me to kick it up a notch.


John Franklin Arctic Expedition opX: What Really Happened to Franklin?

Whatever happened to explorer John Franklin’s lost crew, who in 1845 set out to discover the Northwest Passage, only to all die trying? In 2007 Outpost led an exclusive expedition, with the CBC’s Evan Solomon on board, to retrace the route the crew might have taken after it abandoned ship to go in search of rescue across King William Island.


Ryan Murock in Donegal Ireland My Irish Shades of Green

The emerald green of a transparent raindrop as it beads on a leaf. And the green of a morning after late nights at the pub. Until I drove through Ireland, I never knew they were each so unique. During my childhood, Ireland was always in the background: in my grandmother’s accent; in the fragile blue airmail letters that arrived in our mailbox; in the sound of my name.


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