Colton Powell Across Asia

Follow one young Canadian as he sets off with his good friend on a backpacking adventure across Asia. From Japan to China to the Philippines and more, don't miss this destination by destination account.

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Ecuador Photo Exhibition

Nestled on the West coast of South America, along the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador is a visually diverse and biologically lush paradise.

Ecuador Photography

Colombian Tobacco Ceremony

opXpeditions Colombia experiences a tobacco ceremony with Colombia's Macuna, ascends to the top of the rainforest canopy and then travels along the incredible amazon river.

The View From Here

Starting March 21, our team of adventurer-expeditioners is setting out to trek, bike, run, ski and SUP to a few of the planet’s most incredible places

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What if you get homesick? What If You Get Homesick?

I believe that your world is the world you carry within you. And my inner world is a rich one. But a longing for home does seem to come up for most expats and emigrants at some point along the way.


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Wild Spaces of Ontario

Finally, after all the preparation, anticipation, predication, formulation and expectation, I rushed outside, kicked on my skis and pushed towards the forest.


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Silver and the Sleeping Giant

Silver Islet is a rocky wind-torn community of old timber rail buildings and recent vinyl-sided cabins perched on the edge of Lake Superior. Legend has it that Nanabijou, the Spirit of the Deep Sea Water, first revealed the secret source of the silver to the Chief of the Ojibway


Nunatsiavut Oh Beautiful Land Nunatsiavut O' Beautiful Land

In this original expedition, Team Outpost sets off to explore Torngat Mountains National Park, the ancient lands of northern Labrador, where the Inuit have trekked and tracked for thousands of years.


Sue Bedford The Accidental Backpacker The Accidental Backpacker

I fell into indie travel much in the same way one falls into a snowbank: awkwardly and unexpectedly, with a subsequent red face and reinvigorated sense of humility. Nearly 10 years and over 50 countries later, I’m still in love.


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Quest for Fresh Tracks

Although it’s March and most Canadians are ready for warm spring rather than a prolonged winter, I’ve been dreaming about cold nights, warm teas and most of all fresh tracks.


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Embracing the Swan Song

Embracing the Swan Song Dispatch and Photos by Ryan Edwardson  Truth be told, and I know many others feel the same way, winter is not my favourite season. It’s a guttural instinct.   Yet if anything, winter gives me more than enough justification—the ability for self-beneficial rationalization is a lovely thing—to head towards warmth when the chill sets in.   Mekong Delta tributaries, Nicaraguan volcanoes, Amazonian jungles, Indonesian rainforests... sweltering temperatures at the other end of the mercury thermometer are my wintertime allures, my version of the snowbird exodus. I’d rather bake amongst the red brick temples of Bagan than feel February slush seep through the stitching of my boots.    Yet now, with the harshest February on record (or so I’ve read) having passed and casual rainfall eroding the remnants of snow in Toronto, I find myself on a plane headed northward.The cargo-hold carries our cross-country skis and snowshoes, a cold weather tent and a downy sleeping bag. I am, in...


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Christmas in March

Christmas in March Dispatch by Delano Lavigne Photo by David Spadavecchia During my 15 year tenure as an outdoorsman I have come to learn that the success of a trip lives and dies on two basic principles; inspiration and proper planning.   The bedrock of any of my adventures has always been inspiration. When I am inspired I am encouraged to explore new places, research the local culture, weather patterns, and unique terrain. With a new arsenal of inspired knowledge I am then motivated to dive into the logistics of my trip.   Any adventure whether it be big or small requires planning. How much food do I bring? How much fuel do I need? Do I need a water filter? What’s the terrain like? What is the local and most recent weather? Can I have an open fire? What kind of tent? How many pairs of socks should I pack? And on and on it goes. But as laborious as these questions seem, answering them is incredibly helpful, ney essential, for any trip. They give me direction so that when I walk into MEC I...


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park A View from Afar

Sleeping Giant: A View from Afar Dispatch and Photos by Ryan Edwardson  Four years have passed since I first viewed the craggily profile of the Sleeping Giant.   Making our way up a grassy hill, my friend Allison had promised that the short hike would be worth the scenic storytelling. Her past few years as a resident of Thunder Bay meant she was quite familiar with the city's quasi-mascot—or perhaps 'totem' is a more precise description.   Cresting the hill and looking to the distance, beyond houses strewn against a shimmering harbor, rested an imposing monolith. An Ojibway legend that had become a Canadian ecological icon. The Sleeping Giant. Nanabijou, spirit of the deep sea water and now, somewhat stoically, a provincial park.   Legends abound. The most common is that Nanabijou had rewarded the Ojibway with knowledge of a silver mine only to have its secret location discovered by outsiders. That betrayal of covenant, of sacred information, meant that Nanabijou himself was transformed into...


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