Dolomites Via Ferratas

Via ferrata means iron road, or iron way, in Italian. Whether you want to call it extreme hiking or climbing lite, it’s a hell of a way to experience these mountains. And we had come here to do just that.

Dolomites Via Ferratas

The Desert Nomads Gather

The men on camels emerge like ghost riders through thick veils of Saharan dust as they stampede toward the festival grounds. Tightly wound turbans conceal all but the riders’ eyes. 

The Desert Nomads Cure Salee

The View From Here

Starting March 21, our team of adventurer-expeditioners is setting out to trek, bike, run, ski and SUP to a few of the planet’s most incredible places. Follow along with #opView

Outpost Travel Magazine View From Here

Waking the Sleeping Giant

In search of an amazing view, Team Outpost heads to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. Deep in the wilderness of Northern Ontario is a paradise for cross-country skiing and capturing the perfect view. 

Sleeping Giant Photo Collage

Simon Ryan Dario Sue

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The Nepal Earthquake: A word from World Expeditions The Nepal Earthquake

A word from World Expeditions about the catastrophic earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, including the current situation, recent developments and how you can show your support.


Alone Together Alone Together

Travelling with a companion can be an awesome experience, however, it is crucial that you select a friend who you not only get along with but who you are compatible with on a myriad of levels. You don't want to destroy a friendship because of a bad travel experience.


Bryce Canyon National Park Legend of the Legend People

From Bryce Canyon National Park’s Yovimpa Point it’s possible to gaze across at the spectacular Grand Staircase of sedimentary rock layers, and observe over 600 million years of Earth history.


Bryce Canyon National Park A Bryce History

“It’s believed that, in a million years, this whole plateau will be gone and I’ll be out of a job,” joked the scientist. “Hopefully I’ll be retired by then.”


An Independent Trip to the Holy Land Trip to the Holy Land

It’s incredible how such a small area of our planet holds such a rich and varied natural and cultural heritage. I am even more amazed when I think of the important role this region has played, and still plays, in the story of mankind.


Apocalypse when, exactly? Apocalypse When, Exactly?

The Mayan Calendar: end of the world, or just end of the page? Finding one, I quickly turned to December 2012, fully expecting the grid of squares to end with 21 and then nothing—except perhaps the sort of terrifying sea monsters that lurked on the uncharted territories of old maps.


Travel While You Can Travel While You Can

Don't miss out on opportunities—Travel while you can! As someone who is almost constantly preoccupied by the thought of my next wanderings, I maintain a mental bucket list of places I want to see...and most preferably before I die!


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Next Level Mac’n Cheese

Camping poses reasonable and consistent challenges when it comes to food. But I have always taken pleasure in overcoming those challenges by adding fresh ingredients and joy into my camping cooking.


Bryce Canyon National Park Bryce Canyon Inspiration

The protean rock formations that have inspired countless writers, photographers, artists and slack-jawed tourists were created by erosion (softer mineral deposits wear away quicker than harder ones). I read about this on the park’s official website before I left Toronto—yet I was nevertheless wholly unprepared for the staggering impact of encountering it all in person.


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