Legends of Bryce Canyon

In search of an amazing view, Team Outpost heads to Utah to explore one of the most geologically unique locations on Earth. From infinite horizons to time carved hoodoos, Bryce Canyon has a view unlike any other on Earth.

Bryce Canyon National Park

In Istanbul, Loneliness Does Not Belong

Loneliness is not a feeling that belongs to Istanbul. Even in its remotest corner, you can feel a presence, what Romans used to call genius loci, the spirit of the place. I don’t mean an atmosphere but an entity, a soul.

Istanbul Boats

2015 Outpost Photo Contest

It’s time again for you to share all those moments that make travel special. From incredible landscapes to once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters, it’s your photos that tell the story of the moments you travel for. 

2015 Outpost Travel Photo Contest

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The View From Here

Starting March 21, our team of adventurer-expeditioners is setting out to trek, bike, run, ski and SUP to a few of the planet’s most incredible places. Whatever it takes, no matter the challenge, we will discover the best views on Earth. Follow along with #opView

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Arrival at Fort McMurray Arrival at Fort McMurray

The Wood Buffalo team arrived in Fort McMurray from Oregon and Ottawa, and Squamish and Toronto, each of us hauling our share of the gear required for this long-anticipated trip and eager to put it to use. 


Where is Wood Buffalo National Park? Where is Wood Buffalo?

In northern Canada there is a stretch of land larger than Switzerland with wealth every bit as rich as that found in the vaults of the famously neutral country. But instead of gold, jewels and fine art, Canada's equivalent is a vault of precious endangered wildlife,


Australian Working Holiday Visa Australian Working Holiday

Effective July 1st, 2016, Australia will tax backpackers on Working Holiday visas at a rate of 32.5% regardless of their income. Australian Working Holiday visas are available for any Canadian aged 18-30 and are valid for up to one year in length. 


Bureaucratic Odyssey of Expat Residency Bureaucracy of Expat Life

I did a lot of advanced research by reading threads on British expat forums. I heard that the foreigner’s office in Valletta is chaotic, and the lines are long. And so we got up very early one morning and fought rush hour traffic to be the first in the door.


Fast Travel vs. Slow Travel Fast Travel vs. Slow Travel

When deciding on your next adventure, it is crucial to consider what you want to get out of your trip, and what initially motivated you to select your destination(s). If you are going for an extended period of time, consider experimenting with both fast and slow travel to discover which is better suited to you.


Lisbon Portugal Lisbon's Inescapable Charm

One of the most memorable trips of my life is the one I made a summer of many years ago with my dear friend Lorenzo. We traveled all the way from Andalusia (south of Spain) to the north of Portugal. The highlight of that unforgettable trip was Lisbon.


Bryce Canyon National Park A Bryce Canyon Guide

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is a popular year-round destination that served as the base of our second View From Here expedition. Here's our guide to the essential information that you need to know to make the best of your Bryce Canyon experience.


How Exactly Do You Move Abroad? How Do You Move Abroad?

One of the most popular questions I get from readers is about the physical process of moving abroad. What does moving internationally involve? Is there a lot of paperwork and bureaucratic misery? Do you need to register as a resident and / or a taxpayer at your new destination?


Bryce Canyon National Park Looking Back

Bryce Canyon has been inhabited by various indigenous groups such as the Basketmaker Anasazis, the Pueblo Anasazis, the Fremonts and the Paiutes for at least 10 000 years—yet its far-flung and inaccessible location kept European explorers at bay until the late 1700s.


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