New Zealand Adventure Tours

If you’re into trekking, paddling and biking through parks, valleys, bays and backroads, then you’ll love New Zealand. This video from our friends over at Active Adventures will introduce you to the legendary Kiwi hospitality and landscape.

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Julie's Secret

Lonnie is 65 years old and has never left the USA. His young daughter Julie flies with him to Okinawa, Japan to introduce him to the excitement of foreign travel and to tell him a very sensitive personal secret.  Discover Okinawa Japan 

The Outpost View Dominica

From the highest peak to the bottom of the sea, Dominica's landscape has amazing views no matter where you go. Team Outpost has decided to experience as much of the island as possible, through diving and hiking as we search for the best views on Earth.

View From Dominica

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Escape to Paradise Contest

Winter is coming. It's gonna be cold. So warm up...and chill out in the Cook Islands this winter with a six-night luxury getaway for two courtesy of Cook Islands Tourism and Pacific Resort Hotel Group!  ENTER NOW 

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Simon Ryan Dario Sue

Travel Articles

Reverse Culture Shock Secret Places Malta

If you come to Malta and make an effort to visit these places, you’ll experience a deeper side of the island that the main tourist sites just won’t reveal. They aren’t visited nearly as much as they should be. And each will provide an experience that you’ll treasure long after you’ve gone.


Surviving Hostel Life Surviving Hostel Life

I have never been in a situation as conducive to meeting new people as a hostel. If you are generally a wallflower at home, then this is your opportunity to blossom and it’s easy to be swooned by communal living as it perfectly encapsulates how comradery and adventure are much more enjoyable and memorable than simply a nice room. 


Zika Virus Zika Virus and You

Unlike Ebola, Lassa or any of the other headline-grabbing outbreaks in recent years, Zika virus is hitting a lot closer to home. Here's what every Canadian traveller needs to know.


3 Essential Tips to Make the Best of Your Trip 3 Tips For The Best Trip

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived—finally—you are taking that trip which you've dreamed of for ages! Wherever the destination, one thing is certain: you want your trip to be the best it can possibly be. Easy to say, but not always easy to do. Here are my 3 essential time and travel tested things to keep in mind to make the best of your trip.


Travel with a weak dollar Travel With a Weak Dollar

Although the Canadian dollar might be sinking like the setting sun off a palm-shaded tropical beach, it's not all doom and gloom for Canadian travellers...especially if you've got a nice pair of dancing shoes!


Reverse Culture Shock Reverse Culture Shock

It’s a phenomenon that’s actually very common among expats, from year-long study abroad students to long term live abroad types. It happens when you return to your home country and find that many things are different than the way they were when you left—or at least, they look that way to you.


Okinawa, Japan Okinawa, Japan

From its ancient history to its unique culture, vibrant arts to time-honoured traditions, enigmatic Japan has been enticing travellers almost since time began! Yet even for those in the know, one of its many mysteries and hidden gems has been less revealed over time than others.


More Worlds Best Festivals More World’s Best Festivals

The world loves a party—a reason to feast on succulent delicacies and giggle over tasty intoxicants, to exchange with loved ones sentiments of merriment and well-wishing, to sense an ancestral connection by engaging in cultural traditions and sacred practices, or just to throw tomatoes at strangers!


How Travel Changed Me How Travel Changed Me

For many travelling is just a hobby, a leisure activity, a break from daily life. For others, including me, travelling is so much more. It is a way of living, a raison d'être.  I firmly believe that travelling makes you better person. Here are just four of the many ways travel changed me for the better.


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