63 Shades of Ecuador

Nestled on the West coast of South America, along the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador's diverse landscapes, awe-inspiring scenery, and incredible cultural vibrancy takes you on a powerful visual journey.

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The Spectacular Canol Trail!

The Canol Heritage Trail in the Northwest Territories offer some of the best tundra trekking you'll find anywhere. Plus spectacular mountains, rolling grasslands and mama-grizzly sightings.

The Spectacular Canol Trail

The View From Here

Starting March 21, our team of adventurer-expeditioners is setting out to trek, bike, run, ski and SUP to a few of the planet’s most incredible places

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Waking the Sleeping Giant

In search of an amazing view, Team Outpost heads to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. Deep in the wilderness of Northern Ontario is a paradise for cross-country skiing and capturing the perfect view. 

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Bryce Canyon National Park Springtime Tradition

For more than a decade I have continued my springtime tradition by returning whenever possible to Utah’s deserts buttes, canyons and cliffs. I am incredibly excited to again have the opportunity to experience another spring in Utah and fulfill my annual spring renewal.


Bryce Canyon National Park S. Beford Suitcase Tetris

We're heading to Bryce Canyon—a National Park with over 600 million years of history. It inspires poetry, art and legends. It has one of the most unique landscapes on Earth. But first, we have to find a way to shove all this gear into our suitcases...


Bryce Canyon National Park Hoodoo? We do!

Bryce Canyon National Park may be best known for its hoodoos, but it’s certainly not the only natural beauty within the park’s boundaries.


Backpacking Southeast Asia, Part One: Everything Is Easy Backpacking Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a great place to experience your first long-term travel adventure. It's cheap, there's a wide variety of adventures, the food tastes great, and most importantly—it's easy!


Nostalgia for Africa: Memoirs of a Kenyan Safari Nostalgia for Africa

I can confirm it: the mal d’Afrique exists. In the open spaces of the savannah, surrounded by grazing wildebeests, gazelles and zebras, I could feel that inexplicable nostalgia that, as if in a past life of which I have no remembrance, I had been there.


Whitewater Botany Whitewater Botany

Picking up where scientists left off almost 70 years ago, researchers head north to document the flora of the Soper River Valley, where very little and yet nearly everything about plant collection has changed from the days of those early explorers.


The Morals and Ethics of Travel Morals and Ethics of Travel

Many people make personal decisions to boycott particular destinations for political, social or moral reasons, yet there can be an upside for visiting even the worst violators of human rights.


Bar Stools of the Rich and Famous Bar Stools of the Rich

There is perhaps one literary drink more legendary than any other, and it takes a bit of spycraft to find its place of birth.


Sue Bedford Thumbs-up For Hitchhiking I Survived Hitchiking Mexico

If you are in an area where it is common practice, then feel free to ditch the bus and aerate that thumb. Hitchhiking is not 100 per cent safe, but to travel is, by nature, to embark upon a series of calculated risks.


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