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With more than 200 enormous glacier-capped mountains that stretch over 3,000 metres high, sprawling emerald green plateaus, rustic alpine villages and sparkling azure lakes, you can be certain that almost anywhere you go in Switzerland will be visually impressive.

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2015 Outpost Photo Contest

It’s time again for you to share all those moments that make travel special. From incredible landscapes to once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters, it’s your photos that tell the story of the moments you travel for. 

2015 Outpost Travel Photo Contest

The Island of Dominica

Located in the Lesser Antilles, the island of Dominica is one of the youngest in the Caribbean and filled with incredible wildlife and pristine natural beauty. Team Outpost will uncover the island through diving, hiking and exploration—as we continue our search for the best views on Earth.

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A Stranger at Home A Stranger at Home

Imagine somebody sneaks into your house and—unbeknown to you—deviously shifts all of your possessions six inches to the right. You may not be able to pinpoint precisely what’s askew, yet something is undoubtedly and jarringly “off.” This is akin to the sensation of returning home after an extended trip abroad.


Jungfraujoch and Eiger Ultra Trail Jungfraujoch and Eiger Ultra

We get our first taste of Grindelwald’s “playground” reputation, when we hike through the Glacier Gorge (Gletscherschlucht), which not so long ago was covered by a mass of ice.


Cappadocia Turkey Cappadocia Turkey

The sun is still rising above the horizon when the hot-air balloon begins to gain altitude. As we do so the moonscape of Cappadocia, Tukey begins to take shape: a wide stark plain crossed by valleys and rock formations so bizarre they resemble some of Salvador Dalí’s famous paintings in which objects bend, melt and blend together challenging the rules of nature.


Switzerland is Breathtaking Take My Breath Away

Certainly one of the most poignant first impressions has been the mountains themselves. Imposingly tall and balefully glaciated, the Alps make it impossible for any first-time visitor to leave without having had at least three take-your-breath-away moments.


Grindelwald Grindelwald

We get our first taste of Grindelwald’s “playground” reputation, when we hike through the Glacier Gorge (Gletscherschlucht), which not so long ago was covered by a mass of ice.


Safe Travels Are Important Safe Travels, My Friend

From man-made problems to natural disasters, travellers aren't immune to headline-grabbing trouble. However, there are a couple of things you can do beforehand to help ensure all your travels are safe travels.


Alpinist Shangri-La Alpinist Shangri-La

I had heard rumours of such an alpinist’s Shangri-La, especially from my brother who works as a guide in the Alps. Being able to experience this “Euro-style” ease of access is incredible, and explains why alpinism is as commonplace as it is in Europe, especially in the region of Zermatt, Switzerland.


What We Miss From Home What We Miss From Home

No journey is made without sacrifices, and in choosing to go one place, we’re also choosing to miss some of these other things too, whether we do so consciously or not. But hey, I also miss out on a lot of other stuff that I don’t miss at all, like endless dark winters, high income tax rates, and hockey season! 


Anniversary of the First Ascent The First Ascent

On the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn (4478m), there has been much celebrating in the streets of Zermatt. There has also been a more somber commemoration of the four climbers who died on the descent of that famous climb back in 1865.


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