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From the ancient Laurentian Plateau, to the verdant Taiga Forests of Gaspé, the pristine waters of Lac Saint-Jean, to the upper arm of the mighty Appalacian mountains, Quebec's reputation as the beautiful province is well deserved—and undeniable.

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Escape to Paradise Contest

Winter is coming. It's gonna be cold. So warm up...and chill out in the Cook Islands this winter with a six-night luxury getaway for two courtesy of Cook Islands Tourism and Pacific Resort Hotel Group!

Escape to Paradise Contest

2015 Outpost Photo Contest

It’s time again for you to share all those moments that make travel special. From incredible landscapes to once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters, it’s your photos that tell the story of the moments you travel for.

2015 Outpost Travel Photo Contest

Simon Ryan Dario Sue

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The Truth About Travel Warnings! Truth About Travel Warnings!

Each year, governments issue hundreds of travel warnings. Some are obvious while others may seem exaggerated or even unnecessary. However, any traveller who even considers ignoring these bulletins should think twice because the repercussions can be serious.


Living in a Developing Country Living in a Developing Country

Living in a developing country can be a challenging—and frustrating—experience for the expat. And I learned a lot of lessons in that regard when we moved to the Mediterranean. You might be wondering by this point if the tradeoffs of living in the developing world could possibly be worth it?


Creepiest Places in the World Creepiest Places in the World 2

If you’re a backpacker who loves getting the heebie jeebies (and I don’t mean that stomach malady which comes from drinking the tap water), then ensure these hair-raising, spine-tingling locations top your must-see list.


Paris: Friday November 13 Paris: Friday November 13

A 20-year-old student originally from California, I have been living in the heart of Paris for four months now. The usual bustle of Parisians was gone over the weekend, and the cafés whose open doors and delicious aromas light up and electrify the city were closed. Friday November 13th—I Will Never Forget.


No passport? No problem! No passport? No problem!

Ranking very highly on the list of every traveller's worst nightmare is losing their passport. Thanks to the Australians and New Zealanders, that may soon become a thing of the past as the two countries step towards introducing the world's first cloud passport.


How to Buy Groceries in the Mediterranean Groceries in the Mediterranean

This was our first experience with vegetable vendors on the island of Malta. We hadn’t yet learned that they came door to door. In fact, we hadn’t eaten very much at all, because the shops always seemed to be closed. And so I share this expat advice with you today, so you will never starve.


Creepiest Places in the World Creepiest Places in the World

Every culture has folklore regarding tragic or malevolent spirits and many regions offer supernatural experiences. If you indeed “ain’t afraid of no ghost” then be sure to check out some of these creepiest places in the world.


Budapest Budapest

For an architecture lover this city, with all its extraordinary examples of architectural styles (Baroque, Art-Nouveau, Eclectic, Gothic, Neo-classical), is a true paradise. I can’t help but walk around with my chin up, admiring the beautiful buildings that line the wide boulevards.


Travel Insurance Tips Travel Insurance Tips

Every year thousands of Canadians get stranded, lose possessions or have an accident or illness while on vacation. For some the events are not only physically and emotionally traumatic but they leave financial burdens that last for years. However, with the right travel insurance coverage even the worst mishap can be overcome. 


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