PJ's, Laundry, Cappucinos, Sewing, Rain Cover and Lists


On chilly campsite mornings, there’s nothing worse than having to get out of your warm pajamas and into your cold hiking clothes. A great way around this is to stuff your next day’s clothes into the bottom of your sleeping bag so they’re nice and toasty when you wake up. Makes for great mornings in colder climates: fresh air in warm clothing.



How do you dry laundry when you’re out on a trek? Inevitably, when you’re ready to hit the trail, your laundry isn’t. Next time, use safety pins to secure your laundry to your backpack—it will air-dry while you hike.


The best way to start the day while your partner is lazing in the tent? Get up early and prepare this magic drink that’s sure to impress: put 1 tbsp of instant milk in a 250-ml water bottle, then add 100 ml of cold or hot water (if using hot water, make sure the bottle is heat-resistant). Screw on the lid and shake, shake, shake for about 40 seconds. Pour the creamy foam gently over a cup of strong instant coffee—and enjoy your partner’s reaction.


No matter where I’m going, I always bring a package of cheap dental floss and a sewing needle with a large head. The floss serves as an incredibly strong thread—great for stitching up packs, repairing tents, sewing on buttons and, in a pinch, even flossing your teeth!


When travelling with a backpack in crowded areas such as train stations, bus stops and markets, pouches and zippers can become targets for pickpockets. To avoid “losing” any of your stuff, use the rain cover on your pack to discourage any potential wandering fingers. Not only will you arrive at your destination with all your belongings, you’ll be easy to spot in a crowd if you become separated from your travel partner.


When taking a trip, it’s a great idea not only to make lists of what to take (using index cards), but also to go back over the lists when you return home and note the items you never used. Keep track of your trip lists to determine items you consistently overpack, that way you can learn from your mistakes. And if you’re taking a paddling expedition with a group, save yourself from lugging around extra gear by comparing packing lists with friends to see which items you can share.

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