Scorpions and snakes and spiders—Oh my!

By Fina Scroppo

Leslie Anthony has been bitten by snakes—“thousands of times.” 

Kate Jackson has had her share of brushes with venomous reptiles. And Tom Mason has been stung several times by scorpions. Some travellers venturing to hotspots where snakes, spiders or scorpions make their home feel uneasy about the possibility of running into these creatures, or worse yet, being bitten by them.

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What To Do If You Have the Flu

By Fina Scroppo, 2012

Influenza has been a human scurge for centuries, and likely always will be. The question is: what can you do about it? 

The H1N1 flu virus (the human swine flu) has been grabbing all the headlines lately. In early June, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic, or phase 6, the agency’s highest alert level. And for good reason, spreading across continents it has infected people in more than 70 countries. But despite those shocking statistics, public health physician Dr. Colin Q-T Lee says it’s the garden-variety, seasonal influ/enza (flu) that people—particularly travellers—should be most concerned about.

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