Prepping for Long-Term Travel

Travel Around the World: Prepping for Long-Term Travel

By Hostelling International / Heather Cleland

Travel Around the World With These Travel Tips from Hostelling International

While hostelling has long since shaken off the word ‘youth’ and the reputation that goes with it, it’s still synonymous with affordable travel around the world.

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Hostelling International Norway Aurora Borealis

Hunting the Northern Lights

By Hostelling International

The Northern Norway Search for the Legendary Aurora Borealis

Northern Norway is a harsh but spectacular land of rivers, waterfalls, glaciers and fjords, populated by roaming polar bears. 

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Australia Overland Car Tours

Central Australia

By Hostelling International / Photo by Amandabhslater

Central Australia's Overland Car Tours Will Drive Your Escape and Elevate Your Consciousness

With its wide-open spaces and diversity of landscape, central Australia is the car tourer’s nirvana—so long as you don’t mind the distances. From crossing the Nullarbor to a weekend through the Blue Mountains, here are some other great central Australia drives.

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