Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, a Gem of Latin America

By Hostelling International / Stephanie Hillhouse

Ah yes, Argentina. Land of tango and great steaks, right?

True, it is the birthplace of the sultry tango and home of iconic singer Carlos Gardel, and yes, the steaks are ridiculously tender and delicious (vegetarians be warned, this is indeed a meat lover’s paradise).

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Top Winter Resorts in Canada

Top Winter Resorts in Canada

By Hostelling International / Photo by Navnetmitt

Canada’s Position as One of the Northernmost Countries in the World Has One Inevitable Consequence: Winter

From the historic Rossland Ski Club to Whistler Blackcomb, Canada’s snowy weather, coupled with magnificent mountain ranges that climb into the clouds, means that some of the best winter resorts are in our national backyard.

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Okanagan Valley

Okanagan Artisan Trail 

By Hostelling International / Photo by Stokes 

Cycling Among the Okanagan Valley's Most Beautiful Landscapes

Tree-lined mountains, world-famous cliffs, sparkling lakes and agricultural abundance, the Okanagan Valley overflows with natural beauty year-round, but summer is when the area truly shines.

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