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Outpost Travel Planner: Norway

By Kate Harris / Photo by Alexander Cahlenstein

The Outpost travel planner with the what, where, when, why and how of all things travel to Norway

When To Go 

In Norway you can experience just about all of your favourite outdoor adventures, from skiing down giant slopes to canoeing and kayaking through the most scenic fjords. If you want to experience a mix of land and water sports, then fall would be a great time to visit as you can take a boat tour one day and a gondola up a snowcapped mountain the next.

Getting There 

It’s not difficult to find a flight to Norway as many major airlines offer regular service to Oslo. However, if you’re concerned about budget, then it’s worth your time to look at flying to Europe and connecting to a budget airline, such as RyanAir, which has daily flights running from Tyneside, England, for extremely reasonable prices. If jumping planes sounds long and tiring, then consider the more scenic route and take a train from other Scandinavian countries or Europe. This option is not only picturesque, but also gives you the opportunity to see more than one place. You can even take a ferry from Germany if that country tops your list of destinations to visit.

Getting Around 

You can take the traditional means of travel around Norway, such as renting a car or hopping on a bus, but wheels are certainly not the most exciting way to travel such a vast country. Taking a high-speed ferry through some of western Norway’s famous fjords will take you places that roads don’t exist and open your eyes to the country’s true beauty and splendour. The Norwegian State Railway is also quite renowned for its sights and accessibility.

What to See and Do 

If you’re looking for adventure, then you’ll never run out of things to do in Norway. Here are a few seasonal suggestions.


Water-sport enthusiasts should definitely plan to spend time visiting the world-famous fjords in the west. There you can take tours by ferry, or ones that mix it up between watercraft and train. If you decide to map your own canoe or kayak trip through this panoramic area, be sure to include sightseeing of some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls on your itinerary. The open water isn’t the only reason to visit during the warm season though. The Norwegian mountains are a hiker’s paradise as many areas are set up with cabins that host backpackers from around the world. You can hike from cabin to cabin and meet lots of interesting folk along the way.


At the top of Oslo you will find one of the biggest tourist attractions in Norway: the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, which offers a great lookout over the city. It is also home to the world’s oldest ski museum. This is one of a few places where you can strap on your skiis or snowboard and hit the slopes of the Norwegian peaks. Ice climbing and ice fishing are also activities to consider during these chilly months. If visiting during mid- to late- winter you may even spot some killer whales off the coast.

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