Anti-poaching Elephant Patrol

Elephant Patrol Banda Aceh

A quick debriefing informs us that we’ll accompany two unique squads into the Leuser reserve; the first, an elephant patrol unit that guards a fragile swamp region from the voracious oil palm industry and the other an elite mountain foot patrol to journey deep into the heart of rhino and tiger country pursuing poachers and illegal loggers. Both units are unarmed, yet the criminals they track might not be. It hits me like a punch, I’ve arrived.

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Canyons of the Navajo Nation

Canyon De Chelly Navajo Nation Arizona

Technically a 70,000 sq. km reservation, Navajo Nation seems a better name for an expanse of land roughly the same size as Wyoming. The Nation spans three states, but photographer Jason George and I narrowed our focus to the one holding the largest chunk of it, Arizona. Over the course of our tour we put roughly 3,500 kilometres on our Kia Rio rental trying to drink in as much of this mystical land as we can

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