Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada

Europeans and foreigners both like to travel to Sierra Nevada for its popular ski resort, in part because of the daring heights of its mountain peaks, in part because of the sweeping beauty of Andalusia, and in part because of the novelty of being able to visit one of the most southern ski resorts in Europe. The Sierra Nevada Ski resort is internationally recognized for its excellence, and hosted the 1996 Alpine World Ski Championships, as well as having been chosen to host the Winter Universiade in 2015.

But if hurtling down a snowy mountain at top speed with tempered metal strapped to your feet is not your kind of thing, don’t fret! There is plenty more to love about Sierra Nevada.

The Sierra Nevada National Park is the largest national park in Spain. It has fantastic hiking, though few outside of Spain know to take advantage of the opportunity, and it is known for its peaceful solitude and beauty. The Sierra Nevada National Park has also been recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve, due to the plethora of rare birds, flowers, and lizard that exist in the park. The Spanish ibex, a type of mountain goat, is also a popular sight in the Sierra Nevada National Park, and is considered a sort of mascot to them.

Places like the Sierra Nevada ski resort offer lodging right within the mountain range, but another suggestion for would-be travellers is to stay in the city of Granada, only 21 km away. It’s less than an hour by car, and there are local buses that travel between Granada and Sierra Nevada as well, making for an easy commute. Granada has a charming, old world feel, and the blend of Spanish and Moorish architecture that comes as a result of being so close to Morocco makes even just walking the city streets a breathtaking experience.

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