Colton's Asia Experience

Boracay Philippines

By Colton Powell

Having spent the first two weeks of our trip in cities it was safe to say Bryan and I were ready to get our first taste of the beach.

We made it to the Philippines and have been staying with our good friend Sunny who is acting as our tour guide. Our first stop was Boracay, a small island located off the northern tip of Panay Island where we were staying.

We drove four hours from Iloilo City and hopped on a small boat to the island. Once across Sunny flagged down a Tricicad, the only form of transport on the island, and we crammed in. We whizzed down the tight streets finally making it to our hotel that was only a one-minute walk from the beach.

When you first walk onto the beach in Boracay you are lost for words.

I kept thinking this place couldn't exist, it's too beautiful. I had always wondered where those pristine white sand beaches' you see on the postcards were from, and now I know.

Boracay Philippines
On the boat heading to go snorkelling (left to right: Bryan, Colton, Sunny)
The beach is massive and it spans the entire length of the island. There are seadoos buzzing out on the waves, parasails in the sky and every shape and size getting their tan on.
Boracay Philippines
White Beach as seen from Station 1
If you can get past the view, look down because the sand is the best part. It is like soft icing sugar and its fine grains stick to every part of your body.
We only had one day on the island so decided to rent a boat and go snorkeling.

Sunny and her brother told us they would find the boat as they could get the best price. We watched for a good 20 minutes as they bargained with the boat driver arguing back and forth and trying everything to get a deal. From answering fake phone calls from other boat drivers quoting better prices, to walking away-they ended up getting us the sweet price of $7 CAD each for 3 hours that included a driver, a guide and snorkeling gear on our own private boat.

Sunny said we got ripped off and that it was normally cheaper.

As we climbed aboard our little skiff it looked like it had seen better days. It sounded like a loud motorcycle and looked like a small wave could sink us. They did have life jackets though so we felt safe enough.

Boracay Philippines
Our boat we rented for the day docked at our own private beach
We trolled around the island taking in the endless blue water and headed to the best spot for snorkeling. The water was warm and crystal clear and home to an abundance of fish. We took some bread with us and the fish would swarm and eat it right out of our hands.
Bryan had never been snorkeling before so he seemed to scare most of the fish away as he thrashed in the water trying to stay afloat.

We took a much needed rest in the middle of our own private bay when a man paddled over on a small boat filled with fresh coconuts. For 50 cents we each got one the size of a basketball. We downed the refreshing juice immediately in order to get to the delicious coconut flesh inside.

Boracay Philippines
Taking the ferry over to the island

Our driver took us to a few more pristine beaches as I sat, toes in the water at the front of the boat. We then headed back to the main beach and spent the rest of the afternoon skim boarding with some locals, relaxing and enjoying the view.

We capped off the night with a massage and climbed into bed exhausted from the sun, waves and snorkeling.

Boracay will go down as one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. If you ever make it to this paradise make sure to stay more than one day and remember that if you pay $7 to rent a boat, it's considered expensive.

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