Colton's Asia Experience

Koh Phi Phi

By Colton Powell

The next stop on our trip took us to Thailand.

Thailand is on the list of almost every South East Asia backpacker and is home to some of the most famous spots for the young traveller to explore.

We started off in Phuket to get grounded in Thai culture and then headed off to the island of Koh Phi Phi located just off the coast of Thailand in the blue waters of the Andaman Sea.

Having done very little research about Koh Phi Phi (KPP) I had no idea what to expect. The only knowledge I had was I knew it had been hit very hard by the tsunami in 2004.

We arrived via a large tour boat that brought us to the main dock on the island. We found our guesthouse and made our way down to the beach. We only had one day on the island and decided to rent kayaks to explore the bay. We bartered with the kayak man and headed out on the water.

Koi Phi Phi Thailand
View of Koh Phi Phi from the lookout
The water at Gili Islands had felt extremely warm, but in KPP it was on a entirely different level. It felt like a hot tub and wasn't even refreshing.
You probably can't believe I'm complaining right now, but when it's 37˙C out you need something to cool you down!

We paddled out further from shore and quickly realized how stuffing our faces with food mixed with small amounts of exercise caused us to tire very easily.

Koi Phi Phi Kayaking
Kayaking and exploring the bay
The islands around KPP are made up of large limestones seamounts that tower out of the water all around you. They are covered with jagged edges and shrubbery grows all along the side. We meandered amongst the giant rocks that towered above us in total isolation out at sea. It was calm and quiet and we both laid our heads back for a quick nap.
Well rested we returned to shore as darkness began to fall.
We had heard from a local that there was a lookout that gave an incredible view of the island. We donned our shoes and headed up the mountain. Again our fatigue from a long day of paddling came back to haunt us, as we sweat every ounce of water from our bodies.
Koi Phi Phi Thailand View
The hike up to the lookout
Asia can be extremely hot and humid and over the course of our trip this was by far the warmest my body had ever run. To our relief we reached the top and everyone around us seemed to be feeling our pain. Every shirt was soaked from their determination to make it to the top.
As we gulped down our water I took my first look at the view and was lost for words.

KPP has one of the most beautiful vistas I have ever seen and will go down in my top five sunsets. It is hard to fully comprehend what the town looks like until you see it from above. The only way to describe it would be paradise. Once we managed to close our gaping jaws we made our way back down to the town, found a small shop and rewarded our hard work with a heaping plate of Pad Thai.

Koi Phi Phi Best View Thailand
The view from the top feeling sweaty after a long hike
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