Colton's Asia Experience

The World Is Your Oyster

Text and Photos by Colton Powell

Yet having never quite fancied oysters, I was a little uneasy about packing my life into a backpack and setting off to explore the world. To say that I have travelled before is somewhat of an understatement. A few family road trips here or there and some tropical resorts make up the current stamp collection in my passport.

My disdain for oysters aside, I have always had a burning desire to travel. Growing up, my father always took us off the beaten path to experience a different side of our destination. Whether it was down back alleys, over no-entry barricades or on hikes into the unknown, I was taught to have a keen eye for the hidden gems of a city. Hopefully these teachings will come in handy as I embark on a 72-day trip to Asia.

Over the next few months, along with a good friend, I will be exploring over 10 countries to experience all that Southeast Asia has to offer. Leading up to this trip many people have asked, "Why Southeast Asia?" Which only has one correct answer: why not?

Southeast Asia is the quintessential backpacking route that millions have traversed over the years. It also helps that it is somewhat inexpensive, drawing young travellers from all corners of the globe. Having never been away for more than two weeks at a time, I can guarantee that we will have some interesting stories to tell as we wrestle with the challenges of backpacking.

From sprawling urban metropolises to sandy beaches, we will be testing the waters of adventure along the way.

Our trip begins with three days in the heart of Tokyo, to experience Japanese culture and to fill our bellies with its delicious cuisine. Japan, although not technically considered in Southeast Asia, has always been a bucket-list item for me to check off. Having studied it in school, Japanese culture has always fascinated me, and living in Vancouver sushi has been a staple of my university diet!

We only have a short time in Tokyo, but it will act as a stepping stone into Asia, giving us a few days to adjust our clocks and get our bearings.

As the seatbelt sign sounds, I am asked yet again to turn off my electronic devices as we begin our descent. Let day one commence of what is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime. Stayed tuned for more!

Colton Powell
The Adventure Begins

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