Art, Booze and Cars in the UK

scotland northern ireland

Dispatch #10 of "Four Oceans, No Planes": From good scotch to Mini Coopers to the Tate Modern, Dave and Jo's three loves converge in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.  


A Raunchy European Holiday

prague sex machines museum review

Dispatch #9 of "Four Oceans, No Planes": A December of sex machines, broken stick shifts and The Nutcracker keeps Dave and Jo moving quickly from Prague to London. 


Rain and Booze in the Baltics

baltic alcohol

Dispatch #8 of "Four Oceans, No Planes": From drinking at a Finnish hockey game to drinking at a Latvian opera, Dave and Jo learn when rain and booze don't mix—and end up in a Lithuanian hospital. 


Russia's Arctic Circle

train travel russia

Dispatch #7 of "Four Oceans, No Planes": After three months travelling overland, Dave and Jo have finally reached the Arctic Ocean, with four hours of daylight. Unfortunately, Russian trains stopped serving vodka. 


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