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Simon Vaughan

Simon Vaughan

Outpost Senior Editor

Simon Vaughan is a classic renaissance man—writer, photographer, illustrator, humourist, amateur historian, travel-story junkie, cultural itinerarist, explorer and expeditioner. With over 15 years of professional travel-industry experience, Simon has the inside scoop on the wheres and why-fors of everything travel, and is Senior Writer/Editor & Special Travel Advisor for Outpost.  

Ryan Murdock

Ryan Murdock

Outpost Editor at Large

Ryan Murdock calls himself a lifelong adventurer and travel philosopher with a single-minded pursuit of all things travel literature. With the classics as his guide, from Twain to Lawrence to Durrell, Ryan explores the world’s most unforgiving places from desert to tundra, Tibet to Nicaragua to North Korea, by jeep, motorbike, canoe and camel. He is Editor-at-Large (Europe) for Outpost.

Dario Desantis

Dario De Santis

Outpost Columnist

Dario De Santis is a self-described citizen of the world who was born in Italy but lives to tour the planet. He has travelled extensively across Europe, the U.S., China, Australia, Kenya and Turkey, and speaks Italian, English and Greek fluently. Though based in Istanbul he frequently hits the road if only to learn to say “Cheers!” in yet another language.  

Sue Bedford Outpost Magazine

S. Bedford

Outpost Columnist

S. Bedford is an indie traveller who has trekked, motorcycled, wandered, bussed, hitchhiked, boated, tuk-tuk’ed and stumbled through more than 50 countries in the last decade. Though based in Toronto, she lives by the notion that home is where you lay your backpack. 

Dave Hazzan Travel Writer

Dave Hazzan

Guest Columnist

Dave Hazzan is a Canadian writer who believes the heart of every city, state, and country is found on the bus. He has been published in over 30 magazines and newspapers in six countries. Follow him at @DaveHazzan on Twitter.



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