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Need a rinse? Canmore Kananaskis's Bow Valley is the perfect spot to find a tranquil spot and rest.

Calm After the Storm: The Beauty of the Bow Valley

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne

Photo by Sergio David Spadavecchia

Day three of Outpost’s Canmore Kananaskis adventure has nearly come to an end. It was another highlight-packed day, a day worthy of heavy eyes and deep dreams.

We began with a trip to the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. to fuel up for more of Canmore and its surrounding mountain vistas, before heading off to the Alpine Club of Canada to stay for two nights. The ACC is situated on the northeastern flanks of the Bow Valley, nestled among aspen groves and spruce trees. With a welcoming atmosphere and historic charm, the ACC could well be the perfect launching point for any adventure in Canmore Kananaskis.

From the ACC we visited Cougar Creek, its drainage toward the Bow River now rugged and barren following the devastating floods of 2013. After a hop, skip and jump across the creek, we came across fresh bear prints and quickly decided that, given the time of year, it was best if we gave a wide berth to what furry and likely hunger creatures were also roaming the sandy shores of the Bow River.

From there we ventured to the west side of the valley, toward the Canmore Nordic Centre and the base of Ha Ling Peak. We improvised a hike along a trail less travelled that a local had shared with us, and were brought toward a series of simple yet beautiful cascading waterfalls. We took a few moments to finally stop moving—holding a single position along this “secret” creek—and let the water wash across our hands.

Bow River Valley
Stopping for a breath above the waterfall.

We soon began heading even farther west, now into Kananaskis Country to get our feet wet—literally—with some Stand-Up Paddleboarding on one of the many lakes that is within a hair’s breadth of Canmore. Despite the heavy rain and almost snowy shores, we stepped into the water, onto our boards and paddled straight toward no specific spot, no particular goal except to enjoy this day as it was meant to be enjoyed, with total abandonment to the weather.

After a few hours of paddling, our numb toes turned our boards back to shore and the warm comforts of the ACC.

We finished our day with a gregarious gathering of Canmore locals in the ACC’s community kitchen. We gathered around a long table to share food, stories and laugher until the grey sky turned dark and our eyes turned heavy again.

It was a good day. It was a Canmore day.

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