Canmore spring skiing
The author marches onward despite the difficult weather near Canmore Kananaskis.

Just One More Run

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne

Photo by Sergio David Spadavecchia

A deep fog settles over the mountain. Rain transforms into sleet and then into snow as the valleyfloor grows ever more distant. We bury our faces into the sleeves of our coats and lift our hoods even tighter over our heads as the snow begins to freeze our skin.
“Well, we are in it now,” I say, grinning at Lena. She offers an eager and unwavering smile as we point our skis and snowboard down toward the thickening abyss of snow and cloud. 
We rip through a few quick turns, testing the snow for its depth and forgiveness. We’re mindful that whiteouts such as these could mean the snow might buck you off your feet at any moment. 
After a few turns the fog gently lifts. The mountains are again revealed to us and we are given just enough courage to charge downhill to what will be our last run of the season. We push hard through the last few turns, hoping our ski legs will hold through until next winter. 
When we arrive at the base, the fog has again consumed the mountain. I look over to Lena and say, “Just one more run.”

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