canmore kananaskis trip
The author preparing during Team Outpost's first night in Canmore. (Sergio David Spadavecchia/For Outpost)

Travel Prep, Step One: Embrace Your Fears

By Delano Lavigne

Adventure is as much about anticipation as is it about action. In the months, weeks, days and hours before any adventure begins, there exists a world of expectations and dreams. It is a beautiful world upon which we, or at least I, project an infinite number of ideas about what that adventure will manifest into. Will it rain when I want sunshine? Will there be clouds when I hope to see the stars? Will I come away with a renewed sense of self? Will I find opportunities to be spontaneous?

Each question represents a desire as much as a fear. And while I would like to do away with fear, I have learned to embrace it. My fears reflect my passion for adventure, my desire to live life fully and my willingness to step toward the unknown.

So as rain falls for the first time in over a week and temperatures drop to near freezing, I will not let any of those realities deter me or the team from diving head-first into the amazing adventures that Canmore Kananaskis will offer us.

Want to read more? Check out our full expedition to Canmore Kananaskis: 

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