Trans Canada Highway
The Trans-Canada Highway at Canmore, Alberta. (davebloggs007/Flickr/Creative Commons)

The Road to Canmore

By Delano Lavigne

I’ve arrived in Canmore Kananaskis a few days before the rest of the team. My brother lives in Canmore and I couldn’t help but take some extra tme to connect with him and other close friends that I’ve made during more than a decade of annual visits to Canmore, the Bow Valley and the greater Canadian Rockies.

I arrived in Canmore after a 15-hour drive—the norm for me. For the past year I’ve been living in Bend, Oregon, where I’ve spent time exploring Oregon's deserts and mountains; the drive north to Canmore, which I’ve completed half a dozen times, remains one of my favourite single-day road trips of anywhere in North America: it passes Washington's snow-capped volcanic arc and the Columbia River before passing rambling past the impressive mountains of southern British Columbia. The drive, the mountains, the views and the anticipation grow until finally, just after passing some of the biggest peaks in the province, I reach beautiful Alberta—and Canmore Kananaskis.  

No matter how many times I complete the drive, I am always impressed with the magnitude of beauty that is offered to any visitor of this area. And this year, I can’t wait to share that beauty and its pursuant adventures with Team Outpost. The only thing left to do now is patiently wait for Andrew, David and Lena to arrive. And once they do, I’m confident we are going to have my greatest Canadian Rocky adventure yet!

Want to read more? Check out our full expedition to Canmore Kananaskis: 

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