Coaticook River Valley

Coaticook River Valley

Dispatch by Daniel Puiatti
Photos by Will Allen

Our first encounter with Coaticook River Valley was at night during a visit to Forest Lumina. But seeing the Coaticook River Valley during the day is a tremendously different experience, and one that should be included on any visit to Quebec's Eastern Townships. There's good reason why it's considered a natural wonder.

Coaticook River Valley 12 

Above Coaticook River Valley

Flanked on both sides by lush forest, the valley runs 2,500 feet across and cuts downward to a depth of 164 feet. Glimpsing across this 15,000-year-old slice through the earth is a stunning reminder of nature's raw power. Formed when the Wisconsin Glacier, which covered the region in a 2-3 kilometre thick sheet of ice, began melting, the gorge actually deepens every year by 3 millimetres, as the Coaticook River continues to carve its way through the area.

Coaticook River Valley 8 

A closer look at Coaticook River Valley

Interlaced with hiking trails, campgrounds and mountain biking paths, opportunities for skating when the river freezes, and of course the incredible Forest Lumina—a literal walk through a breathtaking live action fantasy story that is inspired by the region’s fictitious heritage and Quebec forest mythology—the Coaticook River Valley swarms with activities to fit any preference.

Stepping foot on the edge of the valley is without doubt a tremendous visual experience—but walking across it is even more spectacular. Coaticook's suspended footbridge is actually the longest suspended footbridge in the world, and from up here the view of the gorge and it's surrounding scenery is exceptional!

It's only been a few days into our journey across Quebec, and so far each location we visit contends for the most visually impressive. I can't wait to see what comes next.

Coaticook River Valley 15

Coaticook River Valley's suspended footbridge

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