Dispatch and Photos by Daniel Puiatti

The road drops down into nothing, an out-of-place space in the middle of town. Knit scarfs, owls, gloves and hats are woven into the fence that demarcates the perimeter of the void.

It has been two years since the 74-car Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway freight train derailed and destroyed a part of Lac-Mégantic, leaving 47 people dead and a part of downtown completely descimated. The memories of that night are still very real and very raw, but there is a feeling of tremendous strength and recovery among the people of this close, salt-of-the-earth community.

Lac Megantic Quebec 2

Tracks of Lac-Mégantic

I spend some time examining a beautiful knit scarf on the fence. In the corner is a little medallion of St. James pinned to the yellow and green scarf with a bobby pin. My mother used to pin the same kind of medallion to my clothing too. The scarf is beautifully intricate, and I can imagine how long it might have taken someone to create. Weeks, perhaps even months. Each stitch representing a conscious act of remembrance of that night two years ago. It's tough to imagine what it might have been like for the people of Lac-Mégantic.

Lac Megantic Quebec 5
Lac Megantic Quebec 6

Lac-Mégantic Memorial Monument

Today each member of Team Outpost took the time to remember, to support the rebirth and redevelopment of this town. Our visit is an illustration of solidarity as Canadians, a way of showing the people of Lac-Mégantic that we too will never forget. With respect and remembrance we move forward, together.

Lac Megantic Quebec 4
Lac Megantic Quebec 1

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