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Dispatch and Photos by Daniel Puiatti

A well fitted bike makes all the difference in the world. I came to truly appreciate this while climbing the second of three 400-metre hills today! Having experienced the discomfort of riding an improperly fitted bike when I began riding this summer, I know firsthand the very real damage that this can do to your knees. Luckily, before we began our cycling tour of La Route des Vins, I was able to have my rental bike fitted properly by the team at Ma Bicyclette (2985 C St.Patrick Street, Montreal), a boutique bike shop that specializes in making sure your bike is properly adjusted (I'm 6'5!).

Rue Des Vines Quebec 1

Ma Bicyclette 2985 C St.Patrick Street, Montreal

After getting our bikes fitted and a quick stop at Vignoble de L’Orpailleur in Dunham, Quebec (a quaint, peaceful slice of Eastern Township paradise), our cycling journey along La Route des Vins begins. Our backdrop is some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen: green fields that engulf the countryside and slowly slope upwards, ever undulating along the horizon. A magnificent azure sky above, and endless open road ahead. If this taste of Quebec's Eastern Townships is anything like what the rest of La Route des Vins has to offer, I can only hope I have enough space for all my photos.

Rue Des Vines Quebec 13
Rue Des Vines Quebec 15
Rue Des Vines Quebec 14
La Route des Vins begins

Also, if you are new to biking and thinking of following along with our cycling route on The Outpost View/Quebec, I can't stress enough how important it is to get a professional to help you adjust your bike properly! MEC also has a really good Introduction to Biking Guide that will help you get acquainted with how your bike should fit.

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