Need to Ride

Need to Ride

Dispatch by Daniel Puiatti

This summer I did something which I hadn't for nearly a decade. This summer I rode my bike. It was an old thing, rusty and beat up and neglected, too small and too broken. But the instant I began to roll I was hooked, overcome with a sense of joy the likes of which I had not known for decades. 

It is now six months since I first pedalled again, and I find myself en route to begin a 10-day cycle journey across Quebec to uncover some of the best experiences this beautiful province has to offer. It seems the universe finds it fitting to test the depth of my love for cycling. I welcome the challenge. For months now I have been training nearly every evening, forcing my body into the best shape it's been in years. Cycling has taken hold of me in a way I didn't think possible, rekindling a type of happiness I thought was lost to youth.

Even now, anticipation pulses through my body. I can feel my hands gripped tightly around the handlebars, fingers digging into the rubber while the wind crashes around me. My legs fidget incessantly, muscles nagging me to pedal. 

I want to ride. I need to ride

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