A Swiss Visual Masterpiece

A Swiss Visual Masterpiece

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne
Photos by Jimmy Martinello

The sun gently rises across the eastern horizon and into a cloudless sky. Darkness lifts and the Swiss Alps reveal themselves in all of their grandeur, giving a brilliant display of peaks, ridges, glaciers, and north faces.

To the east is a pink and orange skyline dotted with the silhouettes of the Bussalp and Waldspitz peaks, part of a smaller range of peaks that make up the north-eastern flank of the Grindelwand valley.

Swiss Masterpiece 7
Swiss Masterpiece 5   

Further southeast are the Wetterhorn and the Shreckhorn, which are the first to hold light at their peaks and cast tall shadows across the Grindelwand valley. Just beyond the Shreckhorn and before the Eiger is the overlooked pointed tipped peak of Finsteraarhorn. At 4274m it is the tallest mountain in the region but barely visible as it is tucked behind the Eiger.

Almost directly south, as if guarding passage from Italy, are the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. They stand firm and resolute in their stature as the region’s most hallowed mountains.

To the southwest are the limestone walls of Lauterbrunnen and beyond them the Ebnefluh, Mittaghorn, Grosshorn and Breithorn peaks.

Swiss Masterpiece 10
Swiss Masterpiece 8   

To the west are series of green pastured ridges and valleys and to the north are glacier fed waters of the Thun and Brienserse lakes.

The sun rises higher in the sky and the fog trapped in the valley floor lifts. The valleys begin to catch morning light and the bucolic scene of Swiss pastoral life is made obvious.

It’s a beautiful morning to be in Switzerland!

Swiss Masterpiece 6
Swiss Masterpiece 11

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