Switzerland is Breathtaking

Take My Breath Away

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne
Photos by Jimmy Martinello

The Outpost team and I have been in Switzerland for four days and although it is a definitively short amount of time we have experienced enough to make us feel like we have been traveling for two weeks.

Our trip, up until this point, has been filled with almost enumerable views of glacier-capped peaks, steep rolling pastures, mountain lakes, mountain goats, and mountain culture.

Certainly one of the most poignant first impressions has been the mountains themselves.

Imposingly tall and balefully glaciated, the Alps make it impossible for any first-time visitor to leave without having had at least three take-your-breath-away moments. In fact, you may as well make Berlin’s Take My Breath Away the themes song for the first few days of our trip.

Beginning with the train ride from Zurich to Zermatt followed by our ascent to the impressive Fluhalp Hut and then proceeded by our train-ascent to Gornergrat we have consistently found ourselves in awe of the beauty of this place. Today was no different and when Jimmy and I took a trip to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (a.k.a Europe’s summer ski paradise) while Andrew and Robert visited with locals in town, we were again left picking up our jaws as the awe-striking beauty of the Alps was finally under our feet.

As we moved crossed the glacier at 3,883 meters we were offered truly amazing views of no less than 25 4,000 meter peaks, including a straight-on view of the Matterhorn.

Delano in Switzerland
Delano admires the view

Although no one view is better than another, being able to experience the Alps from high on one of its glaciers was a special experience and a necessary one. After all these glaciers have shaped the valleys and rivers of this area and have been traveled upon for centuries.

No sense in coming to the Alps and not getting to play in the snow and ice that defines them.   

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