Mountain Pilgrimage

Mountain Pilgrimage

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne

The personal significance of my upcoming trip to Europe is weaved together by both ancestry and a passion for mountain adventures. Not only do the roots of my family run through Europe’s variegated national boundaries but almost two decades of personal mountain adventures have been inspired by almost two centuries of European mountaineering history.

As far back as I can remember my mother would speak of her childhood spent in Europe. Her stories, and those of her sister, inspired me and my brothers to dream of eventually visiting Europe. We all knew that at some point in our lives we would make it to Europe.

Over the course of the last twenty years each of my brothers have gone and returned from various European lands. Some simply passed through, others made it their home for a time and one even ventured deep into the European Alps as an International Mountain Guide.

Each brother returning with their personal adventures, the annals of our European family heritage grew and the anticipation and inevitability of my own trip to Europe grew with it. 

It is with great joy that I can now finally add to my family’s European history. It is with great joy that I embark on this journey to Europe; to Switzerland; to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the summiting of the famed Matterhorn.

There is no better way for me to travel to Europe than to make a pilgrimage to its majestic mountains and, as is the case with many life experiences, for the trip to be the manifestation of wholly unpredictable circumstances that remind me that life is best lived unplanned.  

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