Mountain Rainforest

Mountain Rainforest

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne
Photo by Jimmy Martinello

A strong wind pushes inland from the east bringing with it the favour of a new day, which means the prospect of new adventures.

While yesterday was devoted to the relentlessly rugged Atlantic Ocean where strong waves and thick clouds painted the landscapes, today was a journey into the heart of the island where the tall reach of trees pulled our gaze upward rather than outward.

Giant Tree Dominica
An enormous gommier tree

We effectively traded the salty coastal air for the sweet scents of Dominica’s expansive mountain rainforest.

Our journey into the heart of the island began on the Waitukubali National Trail, a beautifully maintained and country long hiking path that gave us a great opportunity to experience the rainforest eco-system of the island.

Waitukubali National Trail
Waitukubali National Trail

From the beginning of the trail we were introduced to some of the islands most precious vegetation, including beautiful island orchids like the Bwa Carib, Dominica’s national flower. We saw 100 foot gommier trees, which were traditionally used by the Kalinago to carve out canoes. Most impressive, to me at least, was the abundance of pristine fresh water—the life source of the plants and people of this amazing island.

Delano Lavigne
Delano exploring the jungle

From deep gorges and shallow creeks water runs through these mountains like maple syrup through my Canadian veins.

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