Rosalie Bay

Wavine Cyrique

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne
Photo by Jimmy Martinello

We could hear but not see the waves crashing against the black sand beaches bellow; although we should have given we were nearly standing directly over the churning water.
The rainforest jungles of the island are thick and our views of the storm-surge-swollen Atlantic ocean were obscured by what I imagine would be a fruitarians dream. There were mango, coconut, cinnamon, star fruit, papaya, and passion fruit trees, a veritable fruit salad, all lining the narrow path upon which we are walking.
Rosalie Bay Landscape Dominica

Approaching Dominica's shoreline

We arrive at the precipice of the shoreline and, as far as I am concerned, excitedly follow a series of fixed ropes and ladders down a few hundred meters and towards the water’s edge. Once at the bottom, we are rewarded with our first real look at Dominica’s shoreline and we were certainly and invariably impressed if not awe-struck at the raw beauty that revealed itself.

Black and silver sand, soft like freshly cut grass, covered the short and narrow half-moon bay. Large and small waves danced erratically along the shore, spilling over each other and the sharp lava and breccias rocks that dotted the beach and gave us sure footing as the waves pulled at our feet. Green and yellow foliage covered the vertical face that shapes the bay and cradles a 100 foot waterfall that spills forcefully into the ocean.
Rosalie Bay Dominica Climbing

Climbing one of the many perfect rockscapes

The scene is simply beautiful and we spend the next hour running, climbing, swimming and encouraging each other to be fully present to the beauty that surrounds us, which is not difficult given where we are—Wavine Cyrique, Dominica. 

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