Dominica Dreamin'

Dominica Dreamin'

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne

I lay in bed awake last night, waiting for silence to overtake my thoughts and for sleep to fast forward me one day closer to upcoming adventure to the island nation of Dominica.

But as I lay there, mind racing with anticipation, I find it difficult, if not impossible, to find the silence necessary to quiet my mind and let the night pass by quickly.

Rather than the peace and quiet I need to put my overly excited mind to rest, the low-toned drawl of a busy highway pushed itself through my window and invaded the serenity of my quaint above garage abode. I wrestle with the sound of honking horns, speeding motorcycles and police sirens for a few minutes, fighting the thought that I had already forgotten what silence felt like.

But it was not long before my mind, as it so often and thankfully does, appropriated the tuneless sounds of the highway and then twisted and warped them into a flood of waking dreams.

The low murmur of the highway was transformed into the high-octane rush of a plane taking off.

I, of course, imagined myself on the plane being carried towards my “castele” Caribbean adventure. The sound of my neighbours sprinklers wastefully spraying across the driveway warps into the timeless sound of an ocean gliding onto black and silver volcano shores. My mind wandered between ocean and sky, sand and forest.

Slowly, thoughts of the sea, the jungle, and of Dominica filled my room, restored the serenity of my abode and ushered me to sleep.  

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