The Island Less Travelled

The Island Less Travelled

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne

For the past few weeks I’ve been talking, if not boyishly bragging, about my upcoming trip with Outpost to the small Caribbean island nation of Dominica. On each occasion that I get to mention this trip, I am filled with as much curiosity as I am excitement.

I’m curious because I have never really heard of Dominica. In fact, it has generally been the case that whenever I mention to others that I will be visiting Dominica they almost invariably think I mean the Dominican Republic, a mistake easily made given that in common parlance the Dominican Republic is referred to as “the Dominican.” In fact, I’ve become so accustomed to correcting people—as I had to once correct myself, of course—that I have settled on pronouncing Dominica with an ardent emphasis on the last syllable, making it more akin to Domini-KA. 

The admittedly subtle one letter difference between the colloquial Dominican and the actual Dominica fooled all but one person with whom I have spoken.

This person, a veteran traveller and dear friend, became so quickly animated at the notion of me visiting this island that I became even more enchanted by, what had been up to this point, a seemingly unknown island in the vast line of islands that make up the eastern boundary of the Caribbean Sea. But following that conversation, the island, and the idea of visiting the island, now has emotion, character, and intrigue. Dominica has now become the “island less travelled,” which for me is exactly the Caribbean experience I am hoping for.

I am even more excited now than when was first invited on this trip. I am excited because I love the idea of exploring new and less travelled places, even if the average temperature is 29 degrees Celsius. Although I have more often than not ventured into climates that find me shivering rather than sweating and climbing rather than swimming, I’m looking forward to the change in pace, or at least climate.

Knowing myself and the amazing team that I’m travelling with, this trip, although to the land of Spiced Rum and coconut, is poised to be another incredible Outpost adventure.

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