A Recipe From The Riverside

A Recipe From The Riverside

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne
Photo by Jimmy Martinello

I can't help it—I love to cook in the backcountry! I love the taste of fresh food while staring at wide meadows and across open waters, as is the case here along the unspoiled banks of the Peace and Slave rivers. From the beginning of this trip I have held it as a mission to cook as much fresh food as I possible can. Despite the added weight that it brings to my stubbornly hard-to-steer board, I am committed to giving myself and the team as much of a chance for success as possible, which to me means nourishing the body with fresh vegetables, eggs, whole grains and the occasional protein rich steak or sausage. 

One meal that I was looking forward to on this trip more than any other was a Turkish inspired lentil cabbage curry. This is a recipe that comes straight from the heart, inspired by a trip to Turkey that I took with my girlfriend Sara in 2013. Since that trip, she and I have both made this a staple meal that we share together and with others whenever we are on an outdoor adventure. I am happy to share this recipe and hope it serves you as well as it has served me.

Lentil Cabbage Curry Recipe (a few key ingredients are missing to saving weight while paddling):

lentils (1/2 cup)
water (1/2 – 1 cup)
red cabbage (roughly chopped)
onion (diced)
garlic (3-4 cloves diced)
curry powder (1 tbsp or to taste)
cumin (to taste)
salt (to taste)
pepper (to taste)
ghee (1-2 tbsp)
cream (*optional and I have used dairy creamer as a substitute)
raisins (a handful or more, chopped)

Heat ghee and add onions and garlic. Let cook until translucent. Add spices to personal liking. Add cabbage and cook for five minutes while stirring. Add water. Add lentils and any additional water to just cover the lentils. Cook (adding water if/when necessary) until lentils are soft. Add raisins a minute before ready.

And as always enjoy the view. I know I am.

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