Captivated by Wood Buffalo

Captivated by Wood Buffalo

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne
Photos by Jimmy Martinello

Once we were finally on our boards heading across the open waters of Lake Athabasca a silence falls over the team, each of us captivated by the intense thrill of finally paddleboarding across this stunning landscape.

We let the sound of the water slapping at the nose of our boards carry us along the south west end of Lake Athabasca. The wind blows strong, creating white caps that test our balance, on what is to be our floating home for the next seven days on the water.

Within an hour of departure we manage to cross the wind struck lake and enter the Rivière des Rochers which narrows to 300 feet across, but is only 5 to 10 meters deep.

Each of us is hypnotized by this new incredible landscape, painted green and blue and sculpted with rocky outcroppings, it reminds me just how far into the Canadian shield we truly are.

Captivated by Wood Buffalo
Guiding our waterbound homes

Islands appear and disappear, countless tributaries, both narrow and wide and all of which demand attention so that we don't venture into waters that would invariable jettison us into an adventure defined more by survival than by curiosity.  

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