Bryce Canyon National Park

The River's Call

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne

The time has once again come for me to pack my things and set off on another adventure in search of beautiful landscapes and amazing views. Like with so many of my trips, I am filled with a practiced anticipation, eager yet patient to get away from the general cacophony of city life, always ready to exchange shopping malls and roadways for unscripted adventure.

What I am most eager for on this trip, what has awakened my spirit for adventure and surprised me with feelings of nostalgia, is the opportunity to paddle the great northern waters of the Peace and Slave rivers.

Cutting across Northern Alberta and eventually emptying into Great Slave Lake, these rivers have, for reasons that remain unclear, long captured my attention.

Maybe it’s their geographical location, tucked away in a seemingly obscure and remote corner of Canada’s vast boreal forest, breaching the invisible border that separates the Canadian North from the Canadian South. Maybe it’s the remnants of a childhood dream, partially forgotten yet quietly resolute. Maybe it’s the product of a great Canadian myth, partially self-constructed but certainly defined and shaped by the rivers upon which this country has long been explored. 

Whatever the reasons may be, these rivers have been carefully numbered, indexed and catalogued into my personal library within the endless volumes titled “Possible Adventures” and I am incredibly excited to now have the chance to visit these rivers and make a new entry in the growing volumes titled “Adventures Accompli”. 

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