Bryce Canyon National Park

Esoteric Views of Utah

Dispatch by S. Bedford
Photo by Jimmy Martinello

As Las Vegas became a garish blur in the rear-view mirror, Delano, Jimmy, Bowen and I chatted over one another with unbridled enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the desert crouched on either side of us; the sun-scrubbed sand and lolling rock that appeared almost malleable to the touch was interrupted by ostentatious billboards advertising Britney Spears performances and personal injury lawyers.

We cruised through prototypical southwestern communities—ranch kitsch freckling the lawns of modest bungalows and florescent signage adorning Tex-Mex eateries—and crossed through Arizona into Utah, where the blush-coloured plateaus began to rise up on either side of the two-lane highway.

There were two possible routes from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon: the quick one, which bypassed Zion National Park, and the scenic one, which plunged us into the belly of it.

We unanimously agreed upon the latter and therefore watched the sunset ignite the canyon walls while playfully gobbling at the turkey vultures that pecked in the brusEsh.

A shadowed tunnel burrowed through the canyon-side and when we emerged, we decided to pull over. After scaling the still-warm rock that appeared to rib and flow like muscle tissue beneath our hiking boots, we perched on an overlook alongside a gnarled ponderosa pine that clung to the rock with unyielding tenacity.

Gazing at the twilight that cloaked the landscape, we suddenly found ourselves sharing personal stories that were unusually intimate for four strangers who had only met hours prior at the airport. This was our first indication that these desert views wield an esoteric power over their humble admirers, and provocative foreshadowing of the week to come.

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