Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Nanabijou's Gift

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne
Photo by Ryan Edwardson

It snowed, and just in time. Actually, with the snow blowing sideways and a wind chill around -25 degrees °C , it’s more of a blizzard. I have to admit, it feels great to have followed my intuition—my mountain sense—and pushed the team as hard as I did so we could make the summit before this late season winter storm pushed us off the mountain.

Sleeping Giant Winter Camping
Clearing the snow

In these conditions, what was already an arduous ascent with notable risks would be too dangerous and virtually impassable. In these conditions there would no ascent, and we would have certainly missed the incredible view from the top of the Sleeping Giant.

Thank you, Nanabijou, for letting us pass—for gracing us with blue skies and offering me one of the most majestic views I have seen. And thank you for bringing me snow and helping me fulfill a quest for fresh tracks. That’s right—I am happy, nay, overjoyed to report that my quest for first tracks has been fulfilled! Mother Nature has worked her magic and dropped approximately 15 cm of new fresh snow to play in. There is plenty of snow now to get me on my skis, break trail, and enjoy all that this amazing park has to offer: quiet forests, open spaces and the freedom to explore my love of the outdoors. 

Sleeping Giant Ski Trail
Setting out to explore Sleeping Giant by ski

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