Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

The Quest for Fresh Tracks Begins

Dispatch by Delano Lavigne

From out the window of the plane, I am ecstatic to see a beautiful blanket of white wintery snow covering the formidable landscape below.
Although it’s March and most Canadians are ready for warm spring rather than a prolonged winter, I’ve been dreaming about cold nights, warm teas and most of all fresh tracks.

There is almost no greater feeling then gliding across pure untouched snow.

No tracks to follow means I can follow my intuition and its wonderful expression of freedom that always calls me back into the wild. 
Over the last week I’ve obsessed over short- and long-term forecasts. I’ve called all my local contacts in Thunder Bay, hoping to assuage my fears that winter has been usurped by spring. But I am feeling optimistic.
There seems to be a fair bit of snow on the ground, and I don’t see any rain in the forecast. In fact, we might be lucky enough to get snow—meaning those fresh tracks I’ve been dreaming about might just happen!
Stay tuned for an update on the snow conditions, and my quest for fresh tracks.

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