Bryce Canyon National Park

Located on the eastern edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau in southcentral Utah, the 145-square-kilometre Bryce Canyon National Park may be small but it packs a powerful visual punch. 

Why Bryce Canyon?

Utah is one of the most geologically unique locations on Earth, and Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the best destinations in Utah to experience this extraordinary diversity. The park contains fascinating and bizarre rock formations, including slot canyons and spires called “hoodoos,” resulting in one of the world’s most compelling and picturesque hiking adventures.

The View

We start at Bryce Point, then will hit Under the Rim Trail, Hat Shop, the Fairyland Loop and Rainbow Point—this time, our expedition won’t be about finding a great view; it’ll be about deciding which mind-blowing, breathtaking, life-altering vista is THE view Outpost is searching for! The trek through this seemingly endless forest of eroded rock will be a challenge, but the view from the canyon rim will be an unforgettable experience.

The Team

Bryce Canyon Team Outpost

MEC Gear Spotlight

MEC Uplink Jacket

Super-light Technical Jacket

My most recent adventures have taken me across some incredibly wild terrain and I experienced unseasonably variable weather. I was very thankful to have MECs compact Uplink Jacket to help me deal with whatever Mother Nature had to offer. When the temperatures dropped below freezing I would throw on my Uplink Jacket as a midlayer to help fight to cold. In warmer weather it was the perfect outer layer for sunrise and sunset hikes and kept me dry in a light rain. The Uplink Jacket is light, compact and surprisingly durable—a jacket I look forward to bringing with me on my next adventure.

Pictured: Uplink Jacket
From the MEC Technical Jacket Collection

MEC Walkabout Pants 32

A Durable Favourite

During our expedition to Bryce Canyon we experienced quick changing weather. Having good clothing systems, including breathable, flexible and water resistant pants is integral to managing weather. MEC's Walkabout Pants were exactly what we needed to manage the quick-passing showers and shifting temperatures of Utah’s high desert. The Walkabout pants provide great flexibility for moving fast when storms roll in and have a durable water repellent (DWR) finish when shelter is just out of reach. Even better is that the MEC Walkabout Pants transition from on to the trail to off the trail. They are styled like jeans and so long as they don’t get too dirty while tramping around Hoodos, canyons, and cliffs they make for great casual wear

Pictured: Walkabout Pants
From the MEC Pants Collection

Merrell Pulsate Light Trail Shoes

Trail Worthy Footwear

Hiking can be rough on the feet. Hiking footwear needs to withstand the rigors of water, rock, mud and sun while providing balance, stability and comfort. When it comes to choosing the right footwear there are three considerations that transform a good hike into a great trek: durability, weather-proofing and comfort. And the Merrell Pulsate Light Trail Shoe is a great choice when it comes to all three. They provide water protection for crossing late-spring snow bridges or managing unexpected afternoon thunderstorms, and have a solid sole construction that provides the balance for handling trails that can go from marked to improvised in a flash.

Pictured: Pulsate Light Trail Shoes
From the MEC Trail Shoes Collection

GSI Bugaboo Camper Cookset

All-Inclusive Cookware

One my favorite camping activities, whether skiing along the tall cliffs of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park or hiking along the desert walls of Bryce Canyon National Park, is cooking. And when I cook in the backcountry, I like to stay organized. Nothing helps me do that more than GSI camping cookware. Light, compact, and all-inclusive, GSI cookware offers everything I need to prepare good meals and stay organized. Their integrated systems pack into one small unit making it easy to pack, clean and keep organized. Whether I am cooking large feasts at base camp or melting snow high on a mountain, GSI has me covered.

Pictured: Bugaboo Camper Cookset
From the MEC Cooking Collection

MEC Outtathere Jacket

The Versatile Outathere Jacket

Any outdoor adventure has an element of the unforeseeable. In Bryce Canyon we experienced unseasonably cool temperatures and a canyon that could whip up rain in a moment like an eggbeater. Outerwear that provides reliable water protection while not adding weight to a pack is a must—I can say that the MEC Outathere Jacket was a great option for adding the peace of mind any adventurer needs to step toward the unknown. It’s incredibly lightweight and roll-packs extremely well, has strong taped seams and is waterproof. Its adjustable hood with pull-straps and visor allows a tight fit to your chin and your face, and keeps your head dry when the rain starts!

Pictured: Outathere Jacket
From the MEC Windbreaker Collection

MEC Serratus 85 Backpack Unisex

Ultimate Fully Featured Backpack

Whether I’m trekking, skiing or climbing, having the proper backpack is crucial for turning any thoughtfully planned trip into a successful adventure. The best packs offer a combination of ease of access, portability and capacity. For multiday backpacking, the MEC Serratus 85 is a great choice. The Serratus is one of the most versatile overnight packs, built with two removable side pockets for easy access to a windbreaker, headlamp, map or satellite phone for those faraway destinations. The suspension system of the Serratus is intuitive and makes the pack comfortable, even when traipsing through the hot days and cold nights of Utah’s desert canyons.

Pictured: Serratus 85 Backpack
From the MEC Backpack Collection

Gear List

Our travels through Bryce Canyon National Park will require us to hike and camp to reach our target view. Since quality, durability and ease of use is a primary consideration for this project we will be using MEC as our supplier of choice.





























Expedition Map

Bryce Canyon Expedition Map

Dispatches From Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park Hoodoo? We do!

Bryce Canyon National Park may be best known for its hoodoos, but it’s certainly not the only natural beauty within the park’s boundaries.


Bryce Canyon National Park S. Beford Suitcase Tetris

We're heading to Bryce Canyon—a National Park with over 600 million years of history. It inspires poetry, art and legends. It has one of the most unique landscapes on Earth. But first, we have to find a way to shove all this gear into our suitcases...


Bryce Canyon National Park Springtime Tradition

For more than a decade I have continued my springtime tradition by returning whenever possible to Utah’s deserts buttes, canyons and cliffs. I am incredibly excited to again have the opportunity to experience another spring in Utah and fulfill my annual spring renewal.


Bryce Canyon National Park Esoteric Views of Utah

After scaling the still-warm rock that appeared to rib and flow like muscle tissue beneath our hiking boots, we perched on an overlook alongside a gnarled ponderosa pine that clung to the rock with unyielding tenacity.


Bryce Canyon National Park Breaking Light

I shut off my headlamp and let myself become immersed in the beauty of the Milky Way that stretches endlessly above. I can’t help but feel at home in the breaking light of the early morning.


Bryce Canyon National Park Bryce Canyon Inspiration

The protean rock formations that have inspired countless writers, photographers, artists and slack-jawed tourists were created by erosion (softer mineral deposits wear away quicker than harder ones). I read about this on the park’s official website before I left Toronto—yet I was nevertheless wholly unprepared for the staggering impact of encountering it all in person.


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Next Level Mac’n Cheese

Camping poses reasonable and consistent challenges when it comes to food. But I have always taken pleasure in overcoming those challenges by adding fresh ingredients and joy into my camping cooking.


Bryce Canyon National Park A Bryce History

“It’s believed that, in a million years, this whole plateau will be gone and I’ll be out of a job,” joked the scientist. “Hopefully I’ll be retired by then.”


Bryce Canyon National Park Legend of the Legend People

From Bryce Canyon National Park’s Yovimpa Point it’s possible to gaze across at the spectacular Grand Staircase of sedimentary rock layers, and observe over 600 million years of Earth history.


Bryce Canyon National Park Bryce Gastronomy

In addition to its inherent nutritional and energizing value, food plays a crucial role on any physically demanding adventure. There is no better appetite stimulant than having fun


Bryce Canyon National Park Looking Back

Bryce Canyon has been inhabited by various indigenous groups such as the Basketmaker Anasazis, the Pueblo Anasazis, the Fremonts and the Paiutes for at least 10 000 years—yet its far-flung and inaccessible location kept European explorers at bay until the late 1700s.


Bryce Canyon National Park A Bryce Canyon Guide

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is a popular year-round destination that served as the base of our second View From Here expedition. Here's our guide to the essential information that you need to know to make the best of your Bryce Canyon experience.


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