Contributor Guidelines

We do travel, adventure and culture—for real.

We take pride in covering travel in a unique and insightful way. Our areas of specialty include inspiring longform travel journalism and travel stories, beautiful high-resolution photos from around the world and comprehensive travel guides to little-seen destinations.

While we are a Canadian publication, and much of our content has a Canadian slant, we have a strong mandate to accept stories from authors anywhere in the world, even if English isn't your first language. (How else can you find the best insider's guides and tips?)

But before you contribute to our travel magazine and website, we strongly recommended you first get to know us by reading some of our online articles to get a feel for our magazine's style, focus, tone and subject matter.

Please send your story pitches to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our travel magazine and website are loosely divided into a number of columns that you are welcome to pitch for. Most articles are expected to be between 800 and 1,500 words, unless otherwise specified.

All payment rates for content submissions are negotiated with the publisher on an individual basis. We pay Canadians contributors through e-transfers, and international contributors through PayPal exclusively.  

What We Publish

Feature Stories

Longform journalism and travel writing, detailing a particular adventure travel experience you or someone else had. The typical length runs 2,000 to 5,000 words, but we've published longer longer if the subject allows or the prose is exceptional.

Examples: Mariellen Ward on how India changed her life; Evan Solomon retracing the lost Franklin Expedition in Canada's Northwest Passage


We have a strong mandate to cover the wildest adventure travel on the planet. We're talking expeditions, adventure races, thrillseeking and extreme experiences, unique and small off-the-beaten path experiences. If it got your adrenaline pumping, we want to hear about it.

Examples: Daniel Reeds on how the Mongol Rally made a perfect pre-marital test; Kate Harris cycling across China's silk road

The Insider's Guide

Any submission that provides concrete and specific travel information, advice, tips and ideas on a particular subject, theme or travel experience. These pitches are myriad, so an authoritative voice is necessary.

Examples: Ryan Murdock on how to fund your expat life; S. Bedford on how to travel wth your parents

Gourmet Du Monde

Occasionally we will also publish international recipes that showcase different cultures and flavours around the world. We find the best dishes are the ones that come with a cultural story behind them.

Examples: Our authentic Indian butter chicken recipe; how to make "candied" wigwam salmon

Field Notes

Articles and stories that have a science connection, such as field research, exploration, biology, anthropology or botany.

Examples: Paul Sokoloff living the Mars simulation in Utah; Andrea Grant researching the ancient fossils in Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy

Note: We like to play things by ear sometimes, so not every story we publish fits these criteria. If you've got a great short-form travelogue, wonderful video footage or anything else you think we might like, we're happy to consider it.

How to Submit to Outpost Magazine

Submitting completed stories is best, especially if you’re a new or unpublished writer with little publishing history; this is the best way editors can evaluate a story.

The editorial department does not accept queries over the phone. To submit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you email any of the editors, you're less likely to get a response, since they get a lot of emails and can't respond to all of them.

If you're pitching an as-yet unwritten story, please write formal email query, including your story outline (including its angle, direction, elements and proposed length), the availability of photos and your contact information (phone and email address).

If you've been published elsewhere, please send samples of previously published work (up to three is fine) or links to websites with your samples published.

Do not send in by postal service/mail any unsolicited material, especially original photos, slides, illustrations or any unique material. Outpost is notresponsible for the return of or damage to any unsolicited original material, including photos or other graphic and artwork.

Outpost requires that you inform us if your submission has been previously published in any other media entity, including but not limited to another publication or online property. We are only interested in original, previously unpublished work that remains exclusive to Outpost even after we publish it. That said, we occasionally make exceptions for reproductions on personal blogs and websites. (But not, say, personal blogs with 100,000 unique monthly visitors.)

We also require you inform us to any flights, accommodations, meals and any other paid-for services that were given to you free of charge as part of a FAM or press trip. 


All stories or submissions accepted by Outpost will be confirmed by an email from the editor or publisher. This letter will outline the angle of the story, topics to be covered, length, deadline and any other relevant information.

Any major changes in length, focus, style and structure will be discussed with the writer. If the writer however, is unavailable for consultation, changes will be made independent of the writer. The writer may provide possible titles and taglines for their story, but editors generally handle that.

Fact Checking and Sources

It is the responsibility of the writer to verify, before submitting the story, the veracity of all facts and statements claimed in the story. It is also their responsibility to ensure the correct spelling of all proper names, place names, foreign spellings (with accents)and addresses. Writers should be prepared to submit contact names and their phone numbers or email addresses, so Outpost can fact check the story and confirm assertions or opinions attributed to individuals or organizations.

Writers must be prepared to verify any facts called into question by Outpost. As well, they must be willing to double- and triple-check any fact or statement as required by the editor. Any information called into question by Outpost that cannot by verified will not be published.


Outpost will not cover any expenses other than those specifically stipulated in our contract with the journalist or photographer.


Circumstances may arise where an assigned story may be held over for one or more issues. Outpost reserves the right not to publish an article.

If a story already published or scheduled to be published in Outpost is sold for secondary publication in another magazine, we require that the article appear in Outpost six months before appearing elsewhere, unless otherwise permitted by the editor. We also require that a reprint note to the effect that the story first appeared in Outpost.

Photographic Submissions

Original material should not be sent to Outpost, unless it has been specifically requested by the editors.

Outpost typically needs high resolution digital images (of 300 dpi). We do accept negatives or 35mm transparencies as last-resort options. (For negatives or slides, submit material in plastic file sheets with your name and address on each slide mount or sheet.)

Individual photographs or portfolios should not be sent via email, unless requested by the editor. Outpost is not responsible for the return of, or damage to, any unsolicited slides, negatives or photographs.

Any photographic material submitted to Outpost without a self-addressed stamped envelope and/or international postal coupon, will not be returned.

Travel Articles

paris multiculturalism Why Diversity Matters

Dispatch #12 of "Four Oceans, No Planes": When going from Swiss Calvinism to Parisian grime, you get a crash-course in the little differences between these cultures and their civic pride.


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When an undersea volcanic eruption created a brand-new island in the South Pacific, Angry Planet host George Kourounis knew he had to go. Then everything went wrong.


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What to see, how to eat and why you shouldn’t wash your dirty dishes with snow: if you’ve never camped in Canadian winter, you’re missing out. 


travel resume builder How Travel Helps Resumes

Worried about that yearlong gap in your resume? Travel experience can actually be a valuable asset in the working world—if you know how to sell it. 


berlin mexico wall parallel Tear Down These Walls

As talk of new border walls ramps up, Outpost's editor-in-chief remembers being in Berlin in 1989, where she witnessed one of the seminal geopolitical events of the 20th century. 


womens march dublin Marching in Dublin

Dispatch #11 of "Four Oceans, No Planes": When protesting minority persecution, marching in Ireland changes your outlook on the whole conversation.


inspirational thailand story Thailand Changed My Life

Some trips are ruined by delayed travel plans, pushed boundaries and rescheduled flights. On other trips, they're the ingredients for a once-in-a-lifetime chance encounter. 


donald trump muslim ban On Trump's Travel Ban

In spite of initial fears, Canadian permanent residents and dual citizens holding a passport from one of the seven banned Muslim-majority nations can still enter the United States. But the situation is confusing, volatile and worth keeping eyes on. 


songkran water fight story A Songkran Survival Tale

Thailand’s three-day water fight is great fun—if you enjoy the feeling of being dunked in a swimming pool with your clothes on while children mercilessly laugh at you. 


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