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Travel Articles

buying counterfeit abroad Counterfeit Christmas

Holiday shopping abroad? Those knock-off purses, phones and watches aren’t such a good deal—they could cost you $14,000 if you’re caught.


Christmas Fireworks Peru Peru's Holiday Blast

In Arequipa, Peru, Christmas Eve is about more than gift-wrapping, tree-lighting, choral singing and cookie-baking. It's about fireworks. 


morocco hammam story My Awful Moroccan Massage

Walking around Chefchaouen, Morocco's famous "blue city," is an undeniably beautiful experience. Getting scrubbed at one of the hammams, however, is not.


train travel russia Russia's Arctic Circle

Dispatch #7 of "Four Oceans, No Planes": After three months travelling overland, Dave and Jo have finally reached the Arctic Ocean, with four hours of daylight. Unfortunately, Russian trains stopped serving vodka. 


diy travel hack test Pimp My Backpack

For frugal travellers, saving money on gadgets and gear can go a long way. But do the DIY travel hacks work as well?


kosice slovakia travel guide Two Days in Košice

Tucked away in eastern Slovakia, Košice is surrounded by vast mountains, enormous castles and six UNESCO sites—a must-see for lovers of culture and history. 


thrissur travel guide Insider's Guide to Thrissur

Pounding waterfalls, spicy street food and the biggest after-harvest festival in India. Here's where to eat, what to do and how to get around in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, India.


canadian air passenger bill of rights A New Bill of Rights

If you’re bumped from your flight in Europe, you could get compensated in cash, put up in a hotel or even get a full refund. If you get bumped in Canada, you’re not guaranteed any of that. 


how to meet locals travelling How to Meet Locals Abroad

Introverted travellers, fear no more—it's easier than you think to make new friends while travelling. Our pro backpacker is here with three easy tips to help you out.  


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