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For two decades, Outpost has been Canada’s best travel magazine. Through our website and more than 100 issues of our magazine, we’ve shared our explorations of the real world. From the people we’ve met to the trails we’ve forged, we’ve taken you along every step of the way as we’ve revealed the planet’s hidden corners and intriguing places.

Our magazine and website offers you compelling travel stories in funny and lively prose, with irreverent and insightful perspectives and more than a few thrillseeking rides along the way! Every article is beautifully crafted, rich with hi-resolution photos and captivating long form journalism. We share the knowledge and experience we’ve gathered during our travels to help make your own journeys safer and more rewarding and keep you on top of the latest travel trends and emerging destinations.

Our website is crafted to give you real insights and useful tips in an entertaining, thoughtful and occasionally quirky way complete with video, correspondent despatches and live blogs from the field. 

With a focus on down-to-earth experiences, inspiring off-the-path destinations, and under-reported and unique cultures, we aim to help support and protect wildlife and wilderness environments, mountain and desert regions, and indigenous people around the globe.

Based out of Kensington Market in Toronto, our travel magazine and travel website has been inspiring people from Canada and around the world for two decades and has garnered numerous awards over the years, including the prestigious National magazine Award for Magazine of the Year. 

Thank you from all of us here at Team Outpost for taking the time to learn a little bit about us, and we hope you will give us the chance to inspire you to explore this amazing planet. 

Travel Articles

how to save money to travel Live Cheap, Travel Longer

Travelling on a budget is one thing; living on a budget is another. If you're planning a major round-the-world trip, start saving now. 


2016 canadian passport requirements Canadian Passport: UPDATE

The law requiring all Canadian citizens to carry a valid Canadian passport when travelling by air has been delayed until November 11, 2016​.


portuguese wine country vacation Adrift in Portugal

If your impression of Portuguese wine only comes from the bottle of Mateus your parents used to buy, it might be time to head to the Algarve.


indonesia bali to jakarta The Jakarta Scramble

Dispatch #2 of "Four Oceans, No Planes": When travelling overland from Bali to Jakarta, bureaucracy is not your friend. 


mountain vacation french pyrenees Generations of the Pyrenees

Robert Brodey's family has been spending summers in the French Pyrenees since the 1960s. After running his first race there, he reflects on nearly five full decades of changes: in the region, in his family and in their stories.


does air transat offer gluten-free meals Air Transat's Celiac Dilemma

Air Transat has stopped offering gluten-intolerant, halal and other special meals on their transatlantic flights. Here’s how the trend began in the first place, and where airlines might go from here. 


Tara DelloIacono Thies Feed Your Adventure, Literally

Worried about bonking on the field? Here's what to eat for breakfast, snack and dinner, care of CLIF Bar's nutritional strategist. 


how to write a travel story How to Write a Travel Story

Every traveller comes back with great stories; not every traveller knows how to tell them. If you think you could be the world’s next great roaming writer, keep these tips in mind.


namibia self-drive safari Namibian Nights

In southwestern Africa sits a country with some of the continent's best treasures—desert, savannah, coastline and big game. Join a Canadian couple as they road trip across Namibia, where the land is golden and the skies starry. 


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